The new dimension of travel

Experience a new dimension of travel in Poland and Europe. Discover great places in total freedom and rhythm that suits you best. We went this way - first we rented a camper, loved this way of spending holiday time and finaly bought a camper for ourselves. 

The company Camper for You Ltd. was created to help the Poles discover a new way of travelling, offering on the Polish market, one of the best-selling camper in Europe - Challenger. At the same time we want to discover Poland to thousands of European camper (camping car) travellers. 

Challenger campers are manufactured since 1985 in the picturesque town of Tournon-sur-Rhone, South of Lyon. They are the best-selling camping-cars in France (Number 1 in 2015) and have a wide network of partners throughout Europe. Since 2017 the joy of using the Challenger camper in Poland is provided by our company.